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For the cost of a couple of diet cokes a month, get access to our powerful search engine. With bits and pieces of information about a person, use our profiler to identify the person. Search over 100 of our nation wide databases containing vital records relating to marriage, divorce, drivers license and general people information on over 800 million people who live(d) in recent times. Lookup old friends and classmates. For fun, search up yourself.  Thumb through the original 200,000 pages of the Texas 1903-1976 Birth and Death books along with the Probate/Delayed books. These books from the Texas State Archives contain the actual certificate numbers. Search selected birth indexes (TX, CA, OH, MN, NC, KY VT), including the Texas Birth Index with parent names. For Texas adoption searches, the inf-of's (birth mom's) are included (see the help section for search strategies).  


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